Construction 国际建筑建材

We offer Code Evaluation Compliance Reports of structural building components for use by architectural and structural designers, regulatory officials, and builders. The report format allows for a reader to quickly determine the applicable Code requirements, how compliance is achieved, and apply the information at the design, plan review, and construction phases. 我们的设计师、持证工程师、结构工程师,依据美国、加拿大建筑规范进对建筑和材料评估,用户可以在设计、规划、建筑阶段快速确定适用的规范以及满足的要求。
With professional engineering licenses across numerous Canadian and US jurisdictions, our reach extends to every Canadian Province and all US States. We prepare compliance reports for:
National Building Code of Canada, and BC, Alberta and Ontario provincial Codes
International Building Code, California and Florida state Codes
Florida Building Code Evaluation and Validation per Rule 61G20-3 – Product Approval
Our engineering design team provides structural design services for projects featuring advanced technologies building systems:
Foundation and framing structural building plans for prefabricated and site-built structures.
Structural and cladding components pre-engineered detail drawings.
Structural building plans services are primarily for projects along the west coast in BC, California, and Washington. We complete designs for:
Residential Custom Homes, Small and Medium-Rise Multi-family, Commercial, and Industrial construction.
New Construction, Renovation, Additions, Restoration.
Buildings in climate areas with seismic, coastal wind/hurricane, and wildfire resilience considerations.
As a key consultant for building product manufacturers, we prepare a concise, understandable technical documentation package for supply to their market.
Consulting for building product manufacturers through Product Testing, Inspection, Third-party Certification and Code Evaluation Reports.
Obtaining and maintaining product certifications and regulatory approvals with accredited agencies, Florida Building Commission, Miami-Dade, Cal-Fire, LA City.
Working with a network of international laboratories, our expertise is in testing systems for Structural Loading, Wind Pressure, Dynamic Wind-Rain, Fire-Resistance, Seismic, Hurricane and Wild Fire exposure.
Fire Door test 防火门检测: UL 10C
Fire Window test 防火窗检测: NFPA 257
Fire Door and Window Inspection 防火门窗审核: NFPA 80