E/e mark 车载汽车认证

EU certification (referred to as EC), the e-Mark: e-Mark is based on EU Directive and is a safety certification mark. Which the European Commission requires that member states apply it on a motor vehicle, parts and systems. The e-Mark logo is a rectangular frame. The number is the EU country or state number that granted the approval. If one state grants approval then it is deemed sufficient for all other member states. 欧盟认证e-Mark: 是基于欧盟指令的一个安全认证标识。欧盟委员会(EC)要求欧盟成员将其标贴在车辆、摩托、部件或系统上。 
The country/state codes are as follows: e1 – Germany, e2 – France, e3 – Italy, e4 – Netherlands, e5 – Sweden, e6 – Belgium, e7 – Hungary, e8 – Czech republic, e9 – Spain, e11 – United Kingdom, e12 – Austria, e13 – Luxembourg, e17 – Finland, e18 – Denmark, e19 – Romania, e20 – Poland, e21 – Portugal, e23 – Greece, e24 – Ireland, e26 – Slovenia, e27 – Slovakia, e29 – Estonia, e32 – Latvia, e34 – Bulgaria, e36 – Lithuania, e49 – South Cyprus, e50 – Malta.
If a type approval according to a UN Regulation makes use of type approvals to other UN Regulations then it must be assured that all systems/components/variants are covered 对于UN规则型式认证必须确保考虑所有的系统、配件、差异
Existing  example 例如灯具: Installation of lighting devices UN R-48 UN R-48 安装
You can consult the ECE Lighting Regulations in the following web site:通过以下网址查询ECE灯具规范

例如轮胎需要以下3个规则认证For example, a tyre requires ECE UN-R54 / R117 / R30
ECE R 30: Pneumatic tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers
ECE R 54: Uniform provisions concerning the approval of pneumatic tyres for commercial vehicles and their trailers
ECE R 117: Tyres, rolling resistance, rolling noise and wet grip EU Directive 2001/43
认证流程如下 Simple Approval Process:

 Information folder: supplied by the applicant following the indication in the applicable standard; the information folder includes the information document, data, drawings, photo’s, etc. 申请方提供申请的产品的技术规范文件如图纸、数据、照片等
 Test report preparation can be assisted by us under CAB surveillance 测试通过我方审核等
 Type Approval Certificate issued by NSAI – E24/E1 approval authority 欧盟交通部颁发证书